The Family Recipe is a 5-piece instrumental fusion group based in Atlanta, Georgia. The group consists of Will Ruff (electric mandolin), Nathan Hallman (guitar), Trent Bridaen (keys), Quentin Smith (bass) and Ethan Fain (drums).

With genre influences ranging from jazz to bluegrass to rock, Family Recipe delivers a truly unique sonic experience for the listener. Focusing on improvisation and attempting to constantly innovate the music, the band brings new energy and emotions to the stage every time they play. 

Following the release of their first EP, "Mushroom for Improvement," the band got right back to work on their debut album “Roads,” which was released in April of 2020. The Family Recipe has shared the stage with prominent artists in their genre such as CBDB and Polyrhythmics, and has played significant venues in the Atlanta and Athens area, including a headlining show at the historic 40 Watt Club and performing at the Georgia Theatre. Though they specialize in instrumental music, the band is known for onstage experimentation with guest horn lines, singers and rappers.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought its challenges, but the band found peace with creating more of an intimate connection with each other. They did this through writing and jamming without boundaries in the practice room for many months. In 2021, Family Recipe is stepping out with intentions to push the conventions of jazz, funk, R&B and southern psych combined. 

For Real, the group's newest release, is a test of each of their abilities to create a live studio record. One with complete transparency and natural room acoustics to make for a truly intimate experience.  The guys debuted their album release that the Georgia Theatre Rooftop on September 30th, 2021. However, the album wasn't the only exciting additon on the table. That same night, the guys introduced their newest member,

Trent Briden. 

They met Briden through Quentin's involvement on his recorded works and other projects. After only a short amount of time of  playing together, the chemistry was undeniable. Trent has brought a lush curtain of  funky wonderment  to the group's sonic presence, and the guys are  thrilled to have him on as their dedicated keyboardist. Check out Trent's recorded music on all streaming platforms!

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